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Why are rats a problem?

They contaminate everything they encounter with droppings, urine and hairs.

3 Harmful To Humans Diseases Carried by Rats: -

  • Leptospiriosis (Weil's disease)
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Salmonella

They carry a wide range of diseases and parasites that are potentially harmful to humans and animals. Leptospirosis, or Weil’s disease, can be fatal to humans. Other diseases, such as Toxoplasmosis and Salmonella, affect both humans and animals.

Structural Damage Fires & Floods

Another significant problem is the considerable structural damage that can occur due to the gnawing and burrowing behaviour of rats. Problems can range from minor holes in walls and doors and gnawed materials to structural collapse, flooding, electrical faults and fire. These risks should not be underestimated.

Except when there are a lot of rats, or food is scarce, they will only come out at night, and daylight sightings are unlikely. Rats are suspicious of new objects or food, and some rats will dominate others and grab the best food. As a rat’s teeth grow continually, gnawing is a necessary behaviour. Almost any kind of material may be gnawed ie. electrical cable, water pipes. Rats burrow into grassy banks, underneath sheds and if given access can exploit cavities in walls and roof spaces of buildings that they use for harbourage, to store food and often nest. Rats prefer to live close to sources of both food and water.
Rats are also good climbers and can climb vertical walls if the surface is sufficiently rough. They can also climb along fences and up bird tables to access food. Rats are good swimmers and are often found near rivers and also in sewers. Rats often move to buildings in autumn and winter for shelter and food, and return to the open countryside in the summer to feed on growing vegetation

rat pest control

Population growth
Rats can breed even more efficiently than rabbits and large infestations can quickly develop if not controlled. Rats are capable of reproducing at about 3 months of age. After mating, pregnancy lasts for 21-24 days and averaging 6-11 young rats in a litter. 5 litters a year is typical.

To prevent a rodent infestation:

  • Keep gardens clean and tidy, cutting back overgrown areas to minimise harbourage.
  • If feeding wild birds, store food in containers, ensuring rats cannot reach the food. Any uneaten food will encourage rats to your garden.
  • Inspect your property ensuring that there are no entry holes for rats to gain access into your home, ie. around waste pipes from the kitchen and bathrooms, central heating pipes and air vents.
  • Ensure drains are covered and that manholes are intact ie. no rat holes are present in the near vicinity of the manhole.
  • Ensure all household waste is enclosed in a rat proof container, eg wheelie bin.
  • Keep doors closed to prevent access.

Methods of rat control include trapping and chemical control using fumigants or rodenticide baits. Please remember that rodenticides are also poisonous to humans, livestock, pets and wildlife and therefore should only be used by a ‘competent’ person and in accordance with Think wildlife code of practice. Rats behavioural characteristics must be taken into account to achieve effective control. Rat control should always be carried out together with preventative measures otherwise the underlying causes of the infestation remain and re-infestation will inevitably occur.

Get Rid of Rats

Positive Environmental are expert rat catchers. Whether you have rats in the garden, in your house, or on your business premises or farm, we will: -

  • Identify the cause of the rat problem
  • Find out how rats are accessing your garden or property
  • Apply the most appropriate rat treatments
  • Provide profe ssional advice on how to prevent further rat infestations
  • Carry out follow up visits to ensure infestation is eradicated.

Our rat control service is available 24/7. We operate a fixed and fair price policy for the best value for money rat control service in Worcester, Hereford, Gloucester and the West Midlands.

Aluminium Phosphide for controlling rats

Positive Environmental are able to offer the highly effective option of aluminium phosphide gassing of rats.


Sorted rodent problem swiftly and efficiently. Would definitely use the company again should the need arise. Thank you for all your help, it’s been very much appreciated.

Natalie Baker,
Lowesmore Ltd,
February 2016

We made contact with Positive Environmental Limited to provide a service to eradicate a rat infestation and provide ongoing monitoring and control at our livery yard. We have been truly impressed with their professionalism, commitment and quality of work from the original enquiry through to the on site service provided.

Roy Wood
March 2015

During the years that we have used Positive Environmental we have had a first class service, attention to detail, good recommendations on types of pest (rat) control suitable for our parks. Report sheets are sent in on time and they are always on hand to take any questions we may have.

Jayne O’Connor
Wychavon District Council
March 2015

I wanted to say thank you for the service supplied so far. The (rat) problem seems to be settling down; your guys have responded and come out when we had a concern and followed it up, as well as giving us some ongoing advice on doors and entry points. We are very pleased with the service, thank you.

Trudy Hickman
March 2015

I thank you very much for your service. Mr Green who came to the property was very helpful and done a good job. None of us want rats. Thank you for your service.

Mrs Haden
April 2016

Tel: 0800- 9788 934

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Emergency

07467 952 - 722 (24 hrs)

CCTV Drain Surveys - To Detect Rat Problems

Rats infestations are frequently caused by problems with drains. Positive Environmental are able to offer a CCTV drain surveying service to detect where problems are originating from.

As for the five ratings that you requested feedback on: I would rate ten out of ten in all listed categories. Steve Green got the job done successfully (rat infestation in ceiling) and was diligent in his follow-up return visits. I am grateful for the service which you provided as a company and would happily recommend your good selves to another.

Luke Dark
February 2016

I found the service I received to be efficient and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend your company.

Sue Bomber
February 2017

Delighted with your quick and exceedingly effective response to our call. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends and neighbours. Mark has given us some very practical advice about keeping our uninvited (rat) visitors at bay in future. Very many thanks.

Mike Best,
August 2015





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